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Distribution Solutions Designed to Deliver
Continuous Improvements For Your Business


Partner with a highly experienced team of import, wholesaler and distribution experts to achieve your business goals.


Collaborate across your entire supply chain and deliver efficiency improvements through business process automation.


Infor Distribution SX.e is a robust ERP solution designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the distribution industry.

Digital Transformation – It’s Time to Empower Your Business

Distribution companies who have successfully automated their business processes are able to better manage cash flow while increasing sales and overall customer retention. They are able to grow their business while protecting profitability in a global marketplace.

Client Results

Bringing Business Process Improvement and Technology Together in a Powerful Way


“An ability to grow our company 30% to 50% without having to add additional warehouse related headcount”

Reduced Inventory Costs

“A reduction in inventory cost by 2% to 7% (Cost of goods sold has been reduced by 2.5% for savings of $660,000 per year)”

Improved Pricing

“Increase margins by 4% to 8% (Full use of the pricing tables feature, has returned our company $1,000,000 per year from increased margins)”

Reduced Purchasing Costs

“Reduction in cost 
by the time saved with our new buyer’s control center. We now have interactive access to all information and can consolidate buyers and po’s to maximize our EOQ across all branches”

Better Inventory Managment

“A 40% to 80% reduction in the amount of inventory being written off and a 1% to a 3% reduction in the amount of on-hand inventory”

Reduced Storage Costs

“A reduction of between 5% and 15% in the amount of space used to store the on hand inventory”

What Can Intelligent Inventory Management Do For You? 

Beauty & Health

Western Water Works Supply Co. Inc 

Revenue Increased by $32 Million

“Before we had a software solution like this, it would take us about two weeks to close. Now we can have it done in seconds. As soon as we finish our billing on the last day of the month, we know exactly where we stand financially.”  – Scott Clausen, CFO, Western Water Works


Accuracy of Orders and Billings, Cash Flow Management and Inefficiency across Sales, Operations and Finance


Partnered with Acumen Group to Implement the Infor Distribution SX.e 


Increased Revenue, Reduced Headcount and Improved Customer Offerings

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Go Digital with Intelligent Distribution

Smarter Business Process Automation

Advanced Inventory Management

Go beyond simply tracking current inventory levels in real time. Gain insight from historical orders and use predictive analytics to forecast future inventory needs.

Business Process Improvement

Leverage efficiency improvements by implementing value stream mapping in order to better understand which products, processes and people to further invest.

Integrated Financial Managment

Increase visibility and control over all aspects of company financials through insight and integration with the entire business supply chain.

Improved Customer Experience

Move beyond transactional interactions and build lasting relationships by anticipating customer needs and exceeding expectations.


Infor Ignite

Implementation in 90 days!

A Cloudsuite Distribution Solution designed to help small to mid-sized companies simplify the management of business operations while increasing efficiency and profitability.

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Consulting Services

A Proven Team You Can Trust

Acumen Group is an award winning Infor partner with over 20 years of experience delivering ERP Business and Technical solutions for the Distribution industry.

Business Consulting

We can help identify the root cause(s) of your operational issues and offer a viable solution that delivers Business Process Improvement resulting in reduced operational costs and increased revenue.

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Solution Implementation

All Phases of ERP Solution Deployment – Design, Build, Test & Deliver – With a proven methodology that can be tailored to your organizational needs, we will deliver your project on time & on budget. 

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Support Services

Acumen offers a comprehensive Support Program designed with your needs in mind. These offerings include: Technical Support, Custom Development, Managed Hosting, Learning Services and much more. 

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Commitment You Can Count On

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Co-Founder & CEO
“The Strategist”

Antoinette Habets

Co-Founder & CRO
“Our Fearless Leader”

Jeff Sawyer

“The Problem Solver”

The Disruptive Distributor 

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